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Best deals on used office chairs in Cleveland!

Are you looking for great used office chairs for your Cleveland, Ohio area workplace?  Integrity Wholesale Furniture carries a wide selection of name brand used office furniture to suit the demands of successful businesses like yours.  We’re proud to currently stock numerous different styles of used office chairs from Herman Miller, available immediately at a huge discount from normal pricing.  If you’re seeking stylish, versatile furniture solutions for your business, Integrity Wholesale Furniture will have exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition to the highly versatile Herman Miller Caper office chair, we currently carry another sleek, comfortable style from Herman Miller – the Herman Miller Mirra office chair.  Winner of the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award 2004, this chair was designed to mirror – or ‘mirra’ – the contour of the human body to provide a huge degree of support while reducing the bulk of the traditional office chair.  This highly adjustable, innovative chair can be personalized to suit the needs of virtually anyone.

The single piece, frameless polymer TriFlex backrest features 567 geometric holes.  These punctures aren’t merely there for looks – each one serves to allow air flow and keep your body well-ventilated, as well as to create three separate areas, which are called “flex zones”. These zones are designed to create three distinct areas of the chair, which each cater to a range of different body types, ensuring that most anyone will be comfortable in it for long hours. A customizable lumbar setting on the seat’s back allows you to easily slide it up or down to provide ideal lumbar support.

The seat is specifically designed to distribute pressure evenly and encourage a healthy pelvis tilt. It also allows you to manually change the seat depth so it has that “custom made” feel.

On top of being a great choice for comfort, the Herman Miller Mirra chair has a slim, lightly modern style element.  Available in a variety of appealing colors such as lime green and terracotta, this chair is a great way to add a hint of color to your office and liven up the atmosphere.

Integrity Wholesale Furniture is pleased to provide the greater Cleveland area with a huge range of excellent used office furniture, such as the aforementioned Herman Miller Mirra office chair, for sale at competitively low prices.  We’re here to guarantee that your business space can be furnished with top of the line office furniture, whether it is used office chairs, desks, tables, or cubicles, all while getting the most use out of your money.

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