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Herman Miller A02 Used Cubicles, buy or sell – Cleveland OH

You simply won’t find an easier used office furniture dealer in the Cleveland OH area to deal with than Integrity Wholesale Furniture. Our warehouse and showroom is stocked full of refurbished office furniture that you can have installed in your work area to impress your clients or simply give your business a new atmosphere. And the best part is that with refurbished office furniture from our company, you get high quality products at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for retail.

One of the high quality products that you will find in the warehouse and showroom at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Herman Miller AO2 (pictured above) and AO1 cubicles. This line of cubicles has been on the market for decades and it was revolutionary when it burst on the scene during the 1960s. Since then, they have been reinvented several times and they have evolved in order to meet the changing needs of the modern office throughout the years. Today, you can find some of the latest AO1 and AO2 used Herman Miller cubicles at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in great condition. We have representatives who scour the country looking for business owners who want to get rid of their used office cubicles. We specialize in purchasing those used office products at top dollar and then bringing them to one of our locations for refurbishing purposes. Once we put those pieces on our showroom floor, they have undergone a rigorous process to make them into the best condition possible. That means replacing any old or broken parts, giving it a new coat of stain or paint or whatever needs to be done.

Once we bring the used office furniture products back to life, we can sell them at a great discount over retail. That means you can save a ton of money when you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We don’t try to sell products to you that you don’t need just so we can make a profit. Our representatives know that the best way to be successful is to provide high quality service at the most affordable rates. That’s what has kept our customers coming back for more and we strive to carry on that philosophy with each sale that we make. Once you contact us, we can get started on the process so call us or browse our online inventory today for more information.


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