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Office Furniture and Well Being

The chair you sit in when using a computer can be the most important device you use while in your work area. Many people spend a considerable amount of time in their chairs, sometimes without getting up for a break. If their chair is not a comfortable chair, the person could end up with poor posture, leaving them to be irritable and less productive. We at Used Office Furniture Cleveland have found that many people do not sit correctly in their chairs because they are using poorly designed chairs that do not offer proper back support and are not adjustable. Chairs should be designed so that they can fit each user differently.  If not, a person can end up sitting for long hours with bad posture which can result in discomfort,  injury and overall well being.

This is where the word Ergonomic comes in.  Ergonomic chairs are those that are designed with the users in mind. These chairs will adjust for height, width and lumbar support and can be available in most any material.  Top-of-the-line ergonomic computer chairs allow for full adjusting of every moving part. Everyone is different and manufacturers of ergonomic chairs keep this mind when designing new computer furniture because they know that comfortable, ergonomic office design motivates the employees and increases their performance substantially.

Herman Miller Aeron, along with the Steelecase Leap chair are among the top chairs to purchase if you want a comfortable, well postured chair that will meet your health needs. The Aeron and the Leap chair are rated as top chairs for comfort and overall good ergonomic design. We at Used Office Furniture Cleveland have these chairs and much more for a fraction of the cost that you would spend if you bought them new. We buy and sell Used Office Furniture, if we don’t have it, we can find it for you. Give us a call, and give yourself and your employees the opportunity to have well made, high end comfortable, health conscience furniture that can meet your needs.