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Spruce up your Cleveland Office with these great used Steelcase Chairs!

If you are currently looking for affordable office chairs to equip a training or conference room, then look no further!  Integrity Wholesale Furniture currently offers Steelcase Rally office chairs in great condition – at a fraction of the price of similar models purchased new!  These chairs are a wonderful choice for Cleveland, Ohio area businesses looking to furnish their office spaces while making the best use of their money.

The Steelcase Rally rolling office chair is a great design for a training or conference room – the slight recline allows for relaxed support for those long conference meetings, and the generously padded full seat ensures enduring comfort.  The sleek, modern shape of the overall design and the patterned upholstery are a welcome break from the often clinical and stark appearance of some office furniture.  The seat height can be easily adjusted to best suit the height needs and preferences of your employees, as well as ensure that the armrests can clear any desk or table, regardless of height.

Durable upholstery on the cushioned full seat make it comfortable, and the sleek black frame makes it easy to clean and maintain.  We currently offer it in three different patterns – all a lovely combination of subdued purple and grey/silver (see product page for examples). All three options would be great for adding visual interest and style to any work space.


–        Fully upholstered seat

–        Rolling chair for ultimate mobility

–        Full armrests

–        Adjustable seat height

–        Seat Depth 17 7⁄8″

–        Seat & Back Width 20″

–        Your choice of three patterns/colors


In addition to these wonderful Steelcase Rally office chairs, Integrity Wholesale Furniture supplies the greater Cleveland area with quality used cubicles, desks, filing cabinets, and tables – all at competitively low prices.  We fill the needs of growing and established Cleveland, Ohio businesses like yours, so you can furnish your offices with some of the best products on the market, without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the market for a durable, versatile, attractive solution for your office needs, Integrity Wholesale Furniture can supply your Cleveland, Ohio business with quality used Steelcase Rally office chairs for sale at competitively low prices.  Don’t compromise on the physical well being of your employees, the appearance of your office, or the efficiency of your hard-earned dollars– we can provide you with these quality used office chairs at a great deal, so you can make your money go twice as far while keeping up a comfortable and productive office atmosphere.

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