Used Cubicles in Cleveland

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Used Cubicles come in all many heights and sizes

Telemarketing Cubicles
Telemarketing stations are typically low height with minimal storage

used call center cubicles

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Call Center Cubicles
Call Center Cubicles can be as big as 6×6 but are typically smaller.  24×48 single worksurface is the average size.  There are some very small single surface 24×36 and larger 6×6.

used call center stations

Call Center

6×6 Cubicles
6×6 Cubicles are the most popular however the panels for these stations are still ordered in low, medium, and tall heights.

used 6x6 cubicles flat drawing



6×8 and 8×6 cubicles
6×8 cubicles have the power on the 6′ side and 8×6 cubicles have the power on the 8′ side

used 6x8 cubicles flat plan

6×8 & 8×6 



8×8 cubicles
8×8 is typically the largest cubicle size ordered for the typical office worker.  Occasionally a few upper level managers may work in a 8×10 or 10×12 Cubicle with higher walls.

used 8x8 cubicle flat plan