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Office Furniture and Color

What you choose for the colors of your office can have a dramatic effect on your clients. That is the way that Used Office Furniture Cleveland thinks. We believe these effects can create either a good or bad perception of your business. The right choice for your office colors can ensure that your image is a positive one. The colors you use in your office should coincide with the type of business being conducted. Depending on the type of business you have and what image you are trying to portray, you should consider colors based on the age of your client, their cultural background and whether or not they are female or male. It is important that your client feels welcome when they come to see you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

With general office space blues and greens will keep a calm atmosphere and can be very welcoming to your clients or customers, but too much of these colors and your staff may get too relaxed. You may want to ad small amounts of orange, reds and yellows just to spruce up the energy flow.

Considering the size and color of the furniture and the space that it will go in can also have a positive or negative effect. If you have a small area with a large piece of furniture, you may want to stay away from dark intensive colors, as they can actually make the room feel smaller. Dark colors also do not reflect light and can make an area feel too closed in. However, intense colors in a small space can make an area feel too overwhelming.  If you are going to choose furniture for a small area, you may want to consider softer shades of color that can reflect light that will make the room seem more open.

At Used Office Furniture Cleveland we have all kinds of furniture with many different colors that can meet your office needs. Give us a call…you will be glad you did!