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Haworth Cubicles

Haworth Premise
PREMISE has been designed to evolve with the changing times.  as your business changes, it can also change. Investing in this product is a smart choice, it can statisfy any space requirements.  It has the technoligial capabilities that any company needs while providing comfort to its user.  Add the Moxie components to give it a different visual appearance.  There is nothing you can’t accomplish with Premise…

Used haworth Premise


Haworth Places
 PLACES is a very flexible system that has all of the data and power requirements that you need.  The quality is top of the charts.  If you need to tear-down and rebuild product over and over, the Places panels are designed to last, they can hand the wear and tear of years of product reconfiguration.  This product can work in unison with the other Haworth panel systems.

Haworth Places 8x6 Cubicle


Haworth Unigroup
Unigroup is a simple system that is both reliable and high-quality.  Tear it apart and rebuild it as much as you like.  It has all the phone, data and power capabilities you need.  If your looking to save money while getting an excellent value, this is the product you need.  Don’t forget, it looks good.