Used Herman Miller in Cleveland

Herman Miller: reliable with a great look

Herman Miller AO2
It has a simple and intelligent design. This panel based office system continues to change with today ever-changing workplace. The things that haven’t changed, are the reason the Action Office product-line is ranked as the number one selling panel system in the industry.



Herman Miller Ethospace
This frame system with fabric, metal and glass tiles offers an elegant look.  Used Ethospace can transform any boring space into a totally inviting place to work.  The finish options along with the tile options give you countless options to let you define how your office space performs and looks.  Under the tiles is a steel frame which allows all components to be easily supported.

used ethospace


Herman Miller Resolve
When Herman Miller has the need to resolve some critical issues, they came up with the Resolve cubicle.  The open plan invites employees to communicate more effectively, it is focused around the way people work so that working comes natural.

Used Herman Miller Resolve cubicle


Herman Miller My Studio
My studio was designed to act like your personal Studio.  It can be built with a variety of components in numerous ways which allows its owner to work at peak performance. It was designed to give privacy but is balanced with the ability for internal communications.


My Studio