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Steelcase Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir
Acoustic panels support a variety of internal component options.  Overhead shelves or closed shelves (binder bins) above the worksurface and full pedestals, lateral files or mobile pedestals under the worksurface provide all the storage options you need.  These panels are built on a 6″ planning module which allows designers to build any size station.  Mix and match with other systems to get the best value.

Used Steelcase Avenir


Steelcase Answer
Clean thin lines with tiles that can accent any decor.  Inside the 4″ thick panel frame there is enough room to make any data technician happy.  Can be set-up for maximum privacy or in an open concept to allow maximum internal communications.  The “Answer” is in the details, there is not much this system can’t do.

Steelcase Answer Cubicles


Steelcase Context
Off-module!  These free-standing desking stations offer the greatest design flexibility of any system on the market.  You can arrange them like building blocks.  Core mounted screens and storage give you the flexibility to build a workspace with privacy or open feel for improved internal communications.

used steelcase context


Steelcase 9000
9000 has stood the test of time from it original “version one” system many years ago to the current “version two” system.  They don’t call it “steel”case for nothing.  This stuff is built like a tank.  It was here 20 years ago and will be here for another 20 years.  There are many remanufacturers of 9000 across the country because they know there will always be plenty of product available to fill the needs of their clients.

used steelcase 9000